Installing CarduBlock Edu and the SwissCHEESE Library

CarduBlock Edu is a programming interface designed to make programming with Arduino easier. Instead of writing code, CarduBlock Edu allows you to visually program with blocks, similarly to Scratch. The guide below will show you how to install all the necessary software.

CarduBlock Edu is an add-on to Arduino, and is a branch of Ardublock. As a result, the Arduino IDE is needed. This allows CarduBlock Edu to run on any platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) Arduino runs on. This also allows for an easy switch between CarduBlock Edu and Arduino if you want to move from visual programming to text programming.

In order to use CarduBlock, you will need to install the Arduino IDE, the CarduBlock EDU, and the SwissCHEESE library.

Install CarduBlock:

  1. Download and install the Arduino IDE
  2. Download CarduBlock Edu 
  3. Identify your Arduino Sketchbook location (the folder where your sketch is saved). You can find that by going to File > Preferences in your Arduino IDE.
    The resource location for Arduino.
  4. Create the following folder structure: [sketchbook location]\tools\CarduBlockTool\tool
  5. Paste the .jar file you downloaded earlier into the new tool folder you just created.
  6. Restart the Arduino IDE.

You should now be able to open CarduBlock Edu through Arduino. Open CarduBlock EDU by clicking Tools > CarduBlock Edu. Note: Your code won’t compile until you install the SwissCHEESE library below.

Install the SwissCHEESE Library:

  1. Download the SwissCHEESE Library from Github
    How to download the zip through Github.
  2. Open the Arduino library folder at: [sketchbook location]\libraries
    Inside the Arduino libraries folder.
  3. Extract and copy the content to the Arduino libraries folderThe install folder for the SwissCHEESE library.
  4. Do not create a new folder for the SwissCHEESE library. The files in the libraries folder should look the same as the picture below.
    How the folder should look in the final step.

Now your SwissCHEESE code will compile!  Remember to select the Board and Serial Port; always remember to do this because once you are in the CarduBlock Edu interface, it will not remind you about this when you click upload.