Raspberry Pi Workshop

This workshop is a short, hands-on robotics course that introduces students to the Raspberry Pi and its myriad of applications.  Students will learn about electricity and how to wire circuits using a breadboard, in addition to how to code using Python. Once they have the basics down, they will use hardware like LEDs, buttons, and sensors to create a number of simple circuits, then create programs in Python to make them accomplish specific tasks.

The workshop takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and usually runs side-by-side with a half day Arduino workshop.

In this workshop, students will:

  • Learn about the Raspberry Pi and its uses
  • Learn about circuits, and how to wire them using a breadboard
  • Get used to the basics of Python coding
  • Use LED lights, buttons, LDR sensors, and ultrasonic sensors in circuit designs
  • Learn how to make these components work with Python and the Pi
  • Use all of the above to create setups capable of performing a variety of tasks.