CAROBOT SwissCHEESE Education Kit

CAROBOT SwissCHEESE Education Kit

The CAROBOT SwissCHEESE Education Kit is a modular platform designed to simplify electronics projects and help in the teaching of programming and robotics, inspired by TinkerKit and developed through lessons learned from teaching robotics. The SwissCHEESE uses a standard 3 wire power connection, which also moves signals between modules. The shield module connects to and communicates with the host Arduino board.

A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE buzzer.A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE potentiometer.A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE ultrasonic sensor.A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE red LED. A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE green LED.

Each CAROBOT SwissCHEESE module comes with LED lights for status display and standard 1 cm pitch mounting holes for easy attachment of hardware structure. The expanding list of modules includes:

  • Coloured LEDs
  • Coloured Buttons
  • Potentiometers
  • Buzzers
  • Light Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors
A CAROBOT SwissCHEESE on an Arduino with a green LED attachment.
Designed and packaged in Canada, the SwissCHEESE also comes with the supporting Arduino library and ArduBlock software to help your robotics project every step of the way.
CAROBOT SwissCHEESE Education Kit
The SwissCHEESE educational kit has been available to buy through our distributor from October 2017.
For high-volume orders, please contact [email protected]

Resources for the CAROBOT SwissCHEESE:

Installation Guide for CarduBlock Edu and the SwissCHEESE Library
Download SwissCHEESE Library (Github)
Download CarduBlock Edu Arduino Tool
ArduBlock (Github)

Where to Buy:

Canada Robotix: Kit with Arduino Board, Kit Only