CR201 – Robotics and Arduino I

CR201 is a hands-on program that introduces students to basic real-world robotics and programming. Students will learn on the computer while using text-based programming. They will learn basic electronics, mechanical design concepts, and robotic theories while using real world electronics and mechanical parts. Through a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, children will build logical thinking and problem solving skills while using the Arduino interface. Previous programming experience is not necessary.

Age: 11-15
Prerequisites: None
During this course, students will:
  • Gain a more in-depth understanding of electricity, current, voltage, and resistance
  • Learn how to use the Arduino IDE to write their own code, and manually program components such as if/else statements, loops, variables, functions, etc.
  • Use hardware like buttons, lights, buzzers, and servo/DC motors to accomplish a task
  • Learn more about the serial monitor and ultrasonic sensors
  • Learn how to effectively use conditional statements