CR101 – Robotics and Mechanics I

CR101 is a hands-on Robotics course that introduces children to real-life robotics and programming on the computer. Students will learn basic electronics, mechanical design concepts, and robotics theories while using real-world parts. Through a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, children will build logical thinking and problem solving skills while using the Arduino and CarduBlock Edu interfaces.

Age: 9-12
Prerequisites: None
During this course, students will:
  • Gain a basic understanding of how electricity works
  • Learn about input and output on an Arduino board
  • Learn how to use the CarduBlock EDU to program loops, if/else statements, variables, delays, subroutines, etc.
  • Use buttons, LED lights, servo/DC motors, and potentiometers in conjunction with the Arduino to make it perform tasks
  • Learn how to use tools and given materials to construct rovers, machines, etc.
  • Learn how to control their rover and have it respond to external stimuli