Learning is more fun when you do it together with others! We know that, so CAROBOT offers several immersive robotics classes for youth, and is constantly developing new and fine-tuning existing class materials.

Students in our robotics classes learn a range of design and programming concepts to create their own state-of-the-art robots. By using the latest technology found in university-level computer science and engineering labs around the world, our classes prepare students for a bright future.

At the end of our classes, students get to take part in a last project where they can show off their amazing robotics abilities and inventions to their peers and to the public.

Elementary Level Programs: For Grade 4-6 (Age 9-12)

Intermediate Level Programs: For Grade 6-8 (Age 11-15)

  • CR201 Robotics and Arduino I
  • CR202 Robotics and Arduino II (…coming Winter 2019)
  • CR203 Robotics and Arduino III (…coming Spring 2019)
  • C Programming – Accelerated (…coming 2019)

Adult Programs

  • Introduction to Arduino (…coming 2019)
  • Robotics Rover Using Arduino (…coming 2019)