Arduino Workshop

This workshop is a short, hands-on robotics course that introduces children to real-life robotics and programming using Arduino and the SwissCHEESE board. Students will learn about basic electronics, mechanical design concepts, and robotics theories while using real-world hardware components. Honing their skills through numerous exercises, students will eventually construct a line-following rover at the end of the class.

The full-day version of this workshop runs for approximately six hours. The half-day version is significantly more condensed and fast-paced, but takes half the time – as a half-day Pi workshop will likely be running alongside it.

Regardless of which version they participate in, during this workshop students will: 

  • Learn about input and output on an Arduino board
  • Learn how to use the CarduBlock EDU to program loops, if/else statements, variables, and comparative statements
  • Use the serial monitor to read inputs
  • Use buttons, LED lights, DC motors, and infrared sensors in conjunction with the Arduino to make it perform tasks
  • Learn how to use tools and given materials to construct a rover
  • Combine everything they’ve learned to create a rover capable of following a line around a track