CAROBOT Workshops in the Summer of 2019

CAROBOT Workshops in the Summer of 2019

Over the course of the summer, we had the opportunity to hold numerous workshops in libraries all over Markham. Along with the summer camp counselors, we taught lessons for the youth attending the summer programs at the library.

For the majority of the classes, we taught them about Arduino and the SwissCHEESE for the entire day. The campers learned how to use CarduBlock to program their Arduino boards, as well as how to attach and use the peripheral hardware supplied to them. By using components like LEDs, buttons, motors, and infrared sensors, as well as physical building parts, they were able to accomplish a number of tasks provided to them, culminating in the construction of a line following robot that could navigate through a pre-made course.

However, for some of the classes, the workshop was split into two half-day parts instead, with the classes switching positions halfway through the day. The first one was a condensed version of the Arduino workshop, which also culminated in the construction of a line follower. However, the other class was taught how to use the Raspberry Pi instead. Here, they learned about wiring and electronics, attaching components to breadboards to make a variety of interesting contraptions, like night lights and a security system.

It was a pleasure bringing robotics to all of these youth across Markham, and we hope that all who took part in these workshops had a great time. We’re looking forward to holding more of these in the future.

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