BotQuest Spring 2019 – “The A-MAZE-ING Race!”

BotQuest Spring 2019 – “The A-MAZE-ING Race!”

The BotQuest Spring 2019 tournament was an a-maze-ing success where bright young minds created robots that successfully navigated through a tricky maze. The maze in question had a few dead ends and multiple different paths that led to the exit. Competitors could follow the maze walls, the line paths, or a combination of both. Competitors demonstrated their problem-solving skills, creativity, and sportsmanship as they competed to see whose robot could complete the maze the fastest.

This tournament demonstrated the ever-growing STEM interest in the community. We hope to see more participants and a bigger audience in the upcoming Fall 2019 BotQuest Tournament as we cultivate the STEM interest in our community!

A special thanks to MPL and the Angus Glen library staff, CAROBOT staff, volunteers, and competitors that helped make this tournament a success.

P.S. Wondering how you can make your own line-following, maze-solving rover? Well you’re in luck – you can check out our tutorial!

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